Reporting / Quality Assurance

One of the benefits of professional contact center is to provide variety of operational and business statistics of the work that allow real measurement of the results achieved and raising the of the service level. Our platform allows reports to generate various reports and reporting according to the client.

Every industry has its standards for measuring the quality of the provided services. One of the main goals of the outsourcing to a contact center is the opportunity to measure the performance, concrete results and constant quality monitoring. Due to our reporting platform we are able to measure the performance by various KPIs such as number of inbound and outbound calls, average talk time, abandon rate, efficiency – measures what part of the total working hours are efficient, effective solutions in the management of the call fluctuation at real time per hourly intervals and number of CSRs.

The evaluation of the agents' performance and on-time feed back is a key factor for the proper management control over the imlementation of the project. It is a continuous and important process, part of the daily routine of the professional contact center:

  • Constant monitoring and control over the performance
  • Measurement and analysis of the operational and business performance
  • Evaluation of the performance on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Feed-back on a daily, weekly and monthly basis