Motor Assistance

GLOBAL SERVICES BULGARIA provides Motor Assistance to its clients 24/7 all over Bulgaria and abroad. We provide motor assistance for cars, trucks and trailers. In order to provide the motor assistance at highest quality we are equipped with:

  • Modern contact center providing the highest level of customer service in accepting and managing orders as well as tracking them in real time
  • Motivated, multilingual team of young professionals
  • Modular GPS system for management and control, monitoring in real time, giving statistics and wide possibilities for analysis
  • Own specialized repatriation equipment
  • Network of technical providers, covering the highest professional standards for providing services
  • Professional and precise relation with special care for the client
  • Flexible payment models

No matter if you have a car accident or a technical breakdown, GLOBAL SERVICES BULGARIA would organize for you:
 • Repair on spot
 • Repatriation of the vehicle
 • Diagnostics and repair in a trusted repair shop
 • Hotel accommodation
 • Rent-a-car
 • Taxi

 For Assistance:

+ 359 2 8 197 197

Take advantage of free mobile application for Motor Аssistance - Au Assist