Au Assist is a free mobile application of GLOBAL SERVICES BULGARIA AD with which you can easily request Motor assistance or Drink&Drive services, from the comfort of your mobile phone, while enjoying the following advantages:

  • the details of your insurance policies, the user and vehicle data is stored in the app - there's no need to dictate them to the operator;
  • your location can be obtained via GPS, or can be manually set on the map or with an address search;
  • quicker response times since the common error types are eliminated;
  • intuitive user interface in Bulgarian, English or Deutch;

Get the Global Services Bulgaria mobile application Au Assist for free by scanning the QR code or clicking on the link below:



Services provided are:
* "Motor assistance" - supplies towing services (preventing further accidents), or when technical problems and damage claims arise. Repairs can be done in-situ, the car can be towed to a place on request or according to the conditions of free transportation in case of a signed subscription.
The service is available 24/7, covering the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, with a maximum response time of 60 minutes.

* "Drink&Drive" - when you're unable to drive (commonly because of alcohol consumption, or other reasons), this new service offers you the option to travel safely and comfortably to your desired destination with your car. The service is performed by teams of highly qualified pairs of drivers with special vehicles. The customer's car is driven by one of them, while the other one follows with the special car to the desired destination. The service is available 24/7, covering the city of Sofia and the adjacent towns and villages, with a maximum response time of 30 minutes.