Customer Care

Major part of the customers’ requests can be solved over the phone without need of a visit to a front office of the company.
The qualitative and professional service over the phone saves the customer’s time and resources, increases his satisfaction.

Due to our advanced technology and following best contact center operating standards, we guarantee that your customers will wait no more than 20 sec. to reach an operator. Moreover, this client will receive comprehensive information in accordance with the established procedures and uniform standards during the first call, so that he will not have to call us again for the same reason.

What does customer service include?
  • Information about products and services
  • Information about addresses, working hours of offices, telephones
  • Promotions information
  • Servicing of customers requests for personal financial information
  • Hot line – servicing of an informational hot line for emergency cases, promotional campaigns, etc.
  • Help desk – first level technical support

Appointment center
To schedule a meeting over the phone is a process that engages time and human resources. The challenge for each company is to find the proper contact person who is the decision maker within the specific department or organization. We can help you to surmount these major first difficulties and in addition to present your product, schedule a meeting at convenient time and place.

Registration of orders
Receiving and registration of orders over the phone could be the main or an additional sales channel for many organizations from various businesses. The missing of an order is not desirable because it equals to a lost customer.

Registration of visit hours
You can arrange an hour for visit to a specialist. Usually that is frequently used service especially in the sphere of healthcare, as well as maintenance and any services connected with repairs at corporate service.