The process

Our team consists of young, ambitious and high results oriented specialists. We welcome every candidate with excellent communication skills, team working spirit, very good computer skills, kind and patient personality and aspiration for high results. We highly appreciate the long term partnership in our company and related to this we have implemented various motivation schemes and retention program for our employees.

Every new employee passes through an initial training which is a part of a module program developed for call centers teaching and coaching. The new employees are trained to soft skills, high customer service level, how to deal with angry customers, the best sales techniques and they develop technical skills by working with large suit of integrated call center technologies. At the end the employees that have successfully passed the training program get a certificate.

We conduct constant feedback through evaluation of the performance, briefings on a daily and weekly basis or briefings dedicated on a particular problem and additional trainings.

We appreciate the good results and the contribution to the overall performance of every single member of the team. The company offers an opportunity for professional growth in accordance with the individual performance and the achieved results.